The much-awaited long weekend is finally here! While we may not really be able to pack our bags and head to the hills or the beach, we can always make the days special by catching up with our loved ones (yes, virtually) and enjoying some lip-smacking foods and refreshing drinks. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday mood, we have something special for hot chocolate lovers today.

If you have missed out on lip-smacking hot chocolate during the lockdown and are looking for a recipe to satiate your cravings, your search ends right here. This recipe from chef Kirti Bhoutika is an interesting version of all things chocolate! Called Hot Chocolate on a Stick, the recipe doesn’t require baking and can be prepared in batches and frozen in your refrigerator to make you a lovely cup of hot chocolate whenever you want!*In a bowl, add dark and white chocolate and melt it in an oven. Add sugar, cocoa powder and salt. Whisk.
*Add the mixture to the cupcake tray. Decorate the batter portions with choco chips, sprinklers or marshmallows.
*Place a wooden spoon or skewer. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

Once the mixture has hardened, dunk the cupcake into hot milk and enjoy a delectable cup of hot chocolate just when you want it! You can also wrap them as gifts.

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