Mauro Carrillo, who joined Marion County Public Schools a few short weeks ago as the director of technology and information, had to put together an all important three-year technology plan quickly.
He reviewed the district’s previous plans and began looking at all of the school district’s dire technology needs. Carrillo’s three-year plan calls for nearly 28,000 new computers, nearly double the number in last year’s three-year plan.

“Since he has joined us, he has been, what affectionately say, drinking water through a fire hose trying to do as much learning as he can,” said Philip Leppert, the district’s executive director of support services.

The total tab for the technology needs is $11.5 million.
The school district has budgeted the money to spend in the next three years on new computers, as well as upgrades to its data center, fire alarm systems, repeaters and intercom upgrades that are vital to school safety and security.
Carrillo shared the district’s three-year plan with the school board last week. School district spokesman Kevin Christian said Wednesday that the plan is funded and the district is working hard to keep technology moving into the future.

Marion County Public Schools educates nearly 43,000 students each year. The district employs nearly 7,000 full-time and part-time workers and is Marion County’s largest employer.

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