Beeswax Wraps by Bee Kind
After learning the horrifying extent of plastic pollution in the oceans, the Bee Kind founder decided that she was going to create undeniably vibrant, beautiful products that sparked a much-needed conversation about sustainability. The beeswax wraps come in multiple hand-painted designs.
“Intrigue” Acrylic on Canvas by Emily Karasavvas
Emily Karasavvas is a British abstract artist whose work is inspired by nature, texture and colour as well as the universal journey of time and change. Working intuitively, she employs myriad techniques, layering and manipulating the paint itself, using shapes that occur by chance to create her art.
Silk Pillowcase with Sleep Mask Gift Set by Lily & Adora
Lily & Adora’s pure mulberry silk pillowcases and sleep masks are the perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season. The visible beauty benefits from sleeping on these luxury pillowcases makes the indulgence worthwhile.
Tooth Tabs by EKO
EKO Tooth Tabs have just launched their Australian-made toothpaste tablets! Available in two delicious flavours (with or without fluoride), their tabs are packed with native Aussie ingredients. The product helps teeth appear polished and stain-free. Switching to EKO saves toothpaste tubes from going to landfill!
Refillable Soap by The Bare Home
The Bare Home’s eco-cleaners and natural soaps are safe for you, your home, and the earth. With their high-quality glass bottles scented with exquisite combinations of organic essential oils, and unique at-home refill stations, it’s elegance and convenience you can feel good about.

Modern Love by Shannon Lee Design
Shannon Gilson, American Artist, paints non-objective, abstract florals, beaches and figures using energetic brush strokes and vibrant colours inspired by nature and her travels. Her current collection of floral paintings are part of her solo show at The Square Rabbit Art Gallery.
Candles by Ember and Beam
Ember and Beam candles aim to make your house feel like a home. They use natural ingredients, from their wax to their fragrances. Their wax is made from coconut and apricots and the wicks are sourced from fruit trees. The fragrances are sourced from pure essential oils.
Hand-drawn Custom Art by Chic on Paper
Nina Maric is a freelance artist behind Chic on Paper Illustration, creating beautiful hand-drawn art to instantly bring glamour to your home or brand. Capture your special moments with elegant custom illustrations – a perfect holiday gift for your loved ones.
Red Velvet Mug Cake by Mug Made
The time-saving mug-cake-mix by Mug Made gives you the full baked-from-scratch experience but with far less hassle. They’re fun, fast, irresistibly good and incredibly easy. Their mission is to create one mug cake lover at a time, spreading mug-cake-love to everyone with these decadent treats.
Digital Art by Hylus
HYLUS is a digital contemporary art gallery, showcasing the latest art trends as well as uncommon art pieces. The company is an expert in acrylic glass with over 30 years of experience in the industry, shipping more than 3500 ultra high-quality products to their customers’ homes.

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