Indian festivals are all about eating good food, dressing up, and clicking a lot of pictures. This year, because of the pandemic, festivals have become more low-key, with people choosing to enjoy in spirit than in-person. And while staying home is a safe and responsible thing to do right now, you will always have good food and beverage combinations to keep you company.

And for days when you plan intimate gatherings with friends and family members, here are some interesting comfort food and drink combinations to make your festive meals hearty, homely and wholesome. Read on.

Pizza and iced tea

Even the thought of pizza makes our mouth water, especially since Indians have developed a desi version of this Italian delicacy. And this is why pizzas make the perfect meal for a festive gathering — it is filling and custom-made to suit our taste. With one of the most-loved dishes all over the world, we naturally deserve a beverage that sits perfectly. According to taste experts, lemon iced tea and sparkling water are perfect. Iced tea adds to the flavours of pizza, making the combination comforting and full of flavour. You can try Lipton’s lemon iced tea, either powdered or bottled, to go with that slice of pizza.

We all love biryani. One of the most popilar of all Indian dishes, biryani can be made at home or ordered online; but, what goes perfectly with this desi meal? Since desi problems usually deserve desi solutions, an overly-sweetened soda drink is not the right beverage to go with biryani. For biryani, a masala-based drink is highly recommended. It adds to and does not nullify the flavours that are present in the biryani. You can try Jeeru, an apple juice based fizzy masala drink that has proven to satisfy desi taste buds.
Lassi and aloo ka parantha

This is a no-brainer. If there is anything after chhole bhature and lassi, it is lassi with aloo ka paratha. This desi, north-Indian food combo is tried, tested, and trusted for a reason. It can be perfect for a Sunday festive brunch. To add some quirk to your regular lassi, you can also opt for flavoured or masala lassis to go with your paratha. You can try Amul’s lassi packs that come in different flavours and have proven to go perfectly with desi paranthas.
Dosa and filter coffee

With dosa, there cannot be anything but a classic cup of hot filter coffee. A dosa meal is considered to be healthy and wholesome. Usually eaten for breakfast, a plate of dosa along with sambhar/chutney, is made to go with hot filter coffee. This match is indeed made in heaven! You can pair your plate of dosa with iD’s classic filter coffee. Serve it hot on breezy festive evenings when guests are over.

Which combination do you love the most?

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