Some popular morning rituals that have been doing the rounds recently include drinking herbal tea, lemon water, warm water, eating a handful of nuts, or even meditation.New Delhi: As the season changes and transitions into the colder months of winter, people are seen gearing up for the cold weather ahead of us. It becomes important to not just change our clothing as per season, but also adopt eating habits and certain remedies to stay healthy and fit, according to the season. As it is advised to stay hydrated during the summer to avoid any health complications, the winter season also has a rule book to eating healthy and staying fit.

Morning rituals are a popular part of everyone’s diet. They incorporate one or a few activities that people do or certain food or beverage they consume to kickstart their day, feel energised, and help their body detox. Some popular morning rituals that have been doing the rounds recently include drinking herbal tea, lemon water, warm water, eating a handful of nuts, or even meditation. Therefore, as temperatures continue to drop and the weather gets colder, here are 5 winter morning rituals to choose from, in order to stay healthy and fit during the cold months of the year.

5 winter morning rituals to stay healthy and fit
Meditate – If you do not already do it, the winter season may be the perfect time to begin. Meditation is a great way to collect your thoughts and feel your emotions, without feeling too overwhelmed with them. With mental health already suffering due to COVID-19 pandemic, and the risk of seasonal depression around during the winters, starting your morning with some meditation practice can really help.
Get moving – The winter season can leave even the most active people curled up in their beds because it is just too cold outside. However, you must get moving and get some sort of physical activity. You can try exercising indoors with some yoga, or an at-home gym. You can also perform various strength training exercises indoors. In fact, with the pollution levels rising, you are anyway advised to not go out for exercise, as it can do more harm than good.
Drink warm water – One morning ritual that never gets old and never stops reaping benefits is drinking warm water. Associated with better metabolism, digestion, weight loss, and detoxification, drinking a glass of warm water in the morning, especially during winters can really help you stay healthy.
Get clean and dress up – Everyone dreads showers in the winters, even if the water is very warm. However, you will feel instantly refreshed and kick-started when you clean yourself, put on good clothes, and look like you are ready to take on the world. Even with working from home, dressing up well can make you feel positive and healthy.
Honey with black pepper – Also consumed as a home remedy for a sore throat, you can consume honey with black pepper in some warm water every morning. Honey and black pepper both have anti-inflammatory properties and help to deal with common winter health problems such as common cold and cough. They can also help boost immunity against such diseases, including COVID-19.

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