Tell me, honestly, how often do you walk into a grocery with a plan and a list of what to buy and stick to it?

Nutritionist Beth Stark says start planning before you leave your house.

Make your list knowing your menu for your holiday meal.

“Then see what you have in your refrigerator that has to be used up, in the freezer, in the pantry, which prevents you from duplicating items, which above all saves money,” Stark said.Next, consider buying canned fruits and vegetables and other side dishes over fresh.

Stark says, “they have very nutritious ingredients that will align with budget-friendly shopping habits.”

Then, if you are going for fresh vegetables, shop for produce in season.

“Seasonal items are less expensive than produce that is coming in from out of the country right now,” Stark explains.

And finally, see what’s on sale.

Look at grocery store circulars. There are lots of specials and coupons being offered right now.

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